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Common Summer Conditions – And How to Prevent Them

  • 08.11.17
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During the deep freeze of winter, most of us would love to escape the cold & it’s countless common illnesses for the warmth & relative health of summer. We dream of the day when we can once again touch the train pole without fear of catching the plague, only to be reminded each June that summer slides in with its own collection of common conditions.


Check out these standard summer sicknesses to know when to go – to ModernMD urgent care!


Swimmer’s Ear – this common summertime ear infection occurs when water gets stuck in one’s ear canal and causes pain, tenderness & muffled hearing. Try to avoid it by tilting your head when out of the water and drying your ears thoroughly.


Food poisoning– While food poisoning can hit at any time of year, it is twice as common in the summer as the bacteria that causes it grows much more quickly in heat and humidity. Prevent food poisoning by keeping food in the frig or a cooler and tossing BBQ leftovers that have been out for over an hour.


Coxsackie Virus – Coxsackie virus causes hand foot and mouth disease, which leaves young children with fever, sore throat & often times, blisters. Coxsackie is spread through bodily fluids like saliva, so try to keep your kids from sharing their ice cream with others.


Poison Ivy, Oak and Sumac – We may live in the concrete jungle, but are certainly not immune to picking up an itchy rash from these poisonous plants. Wear long pants in wooded areas & avoid touching unfamiliar leaves to save yourself some intense itching.


Heat Rash – With summer comes sweat – so much so that heat rash, (often caused by blocked sweat ducts) becomes all too common. While difficult to prevent, try wearing loose fitting clothing to allow your skin to breathe.


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