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Get Booking on Back to School with These Healthy School Year Tips

  • 08.21.17
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Let’s Get Physical

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To start the school year in tip-top shape, make sure your kids have an annual check – up and are cleared for participation in after school activities. While checkups are generally not covered by insurance in an urgent care center, if you’re struggling to squeeze in a pediatrician’s appointment, ModernMD has got you covered. Just walk in for a $65 annual or sports physical at your convenience, 7 days a week!

Harness the Power of Handwashing

As hand washing is the best way to slow the spread of sickness causing germs, reinforcing your kids’ handwashing skills proves a great start to the school year. Help your kids get interested in handwashing by trying fun scented soaps or singing a song together while they wash away.

Lighten the Backpack Burden

Extra heavy backpacks can strain your kids’ shoulders, neck and back. In addition to finding a backpack strong enough to carry necessary supplies, try speaking with your children’s teachers to see if some materials may be left in the classroom.

Brown Bag It

To keep your kids focused all school day long, try packing them an easy and well balanced lunch. Shoot for quick options like turkey and cheese roll ups and fresh fruit to make making lunch hassle free.

Check Up on Those Chompers

Did you know that painful cavities are a common cause of missed school days? If you can, make your children a pre-school dental appointment to make sure those teeth are ready to bite into a new school year.

Autumn Asthma & Allergies: Common Causes & Treatment Options

If you are experiencing a numb or tingling feeling in your legs or pelvic area, you may have pinched or damaged nerves. Visiting a healthcare provider to diagnose the cause of these strange sensations can help get you some relief.