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Sore throats are fairly common and can be caused by a number of conditions or environmental factors. While usually not a sign of a life threatening condition, it is important that you visit with a Provider to understand what is causing your symptoms, so you can get better, faster.  


In addition to treatments recommended by a healthcare provider,  try the following tips to help soothe a sore throat:

  • Drink plenty of cool or warm fluids but avoid very hot drinks
  • Eat cool, soft foods
  • Do not smoke and stay away from smokey places
  • Gargle warm, salty water
  • For adults, suck lozenges, ice cubes, or hard sweets. Do not give these to children to avoid choking.


Sore throat is often a symptom of a viral or bacterial infection. It can be a symptom of:

  • Colds, cough, or flu
  • Tonsillitis or the inflammation of the tonsils
  • Laryngitis or the inflammation of the voice box
  • Glandular fever
  • Strep throat or a bacterial throat infection
  • Irritants, such as smoke, pollution, dry air, and allergies
  • Post nasal drip – fluid running down the back of your throat, irritating it

While a sore throat may go away on its own, visit your nearest ModernMD location for immediate medical attention if:

  • The symptoms are uncomfortable or severe
  • You feel bumps under your jaw and on your neck 
  • You notice redness, pus, or spots on your throat or tongue 
  • It has been over a week and the symptoms do not seem to improve
  • The sore throat comes and goes

If your immune system is compromised (if you are undergoing chemotherapy, or if you have HIV, or are under certain medications)


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