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If you have a more severe break or cut in the skin, your Provider may need to close the wound using stitches or staples. Your ModernMD Provider will select the most appropriate method for closing your wound based on several factors, such as the type and size of your wound, your age and health status.


Also called sutures, stitches are the most common way to close skin cuts. This is done by using surgical thread on a needle to sew the skin together. This surgical thread is usually made from natural or man made materials such as silk, nylon, or plastic, which will be removed by a ModernMD Provider when the wound has healed completely.

Absorbable sutures break down in the body tissue and lose their strength in 60 days, and do not need to be removed. They may be used for:

  • Wounds involving the lining of the inside of the mount
  • Skin where the blood vessels are close to the surface
  • Skin grafts
  • Lower layers of skin
  • Muscle and connective tissue

Less invasive options for closing wounds, such as surgical glue are an option for some cuts and abrasions. If you’ve cut yourself and think the wound may need to be closed, stop by ModernMD ASAP to discuss and choose the best option for treating your injury 


Staples, on the other hand, are applied by using a skin stapler to hasten the healing of a long skin wound or cut. This is usually used in hard to reach areas. They may be absorbable or external (which will then be removed by a doctor).

Permanent medical staples can close cuts and wounds with minimal damage and are usually easier to remove than stitches. Absorbable staples will heal your wounds better, lessen your risk of scarring and infection.

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