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SBH Urgent Care by ModernMD

4507 3rd Ave., The Bronx, NY 10457, USA
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Rapid HIV Testing is now available at all MMDs for all 12+ years old!

Count on us for right-away Rapid COVID testing & STAT next-day PCRs!

Meet our new STAT STD screening for reliable results in HALF the time!

Get your flu shot free at your next visit to MMD (For all 5+ - Flu shot only visit = $25)

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State of the Art Technology

Our secret to hassle-free healthcare? Stopping at nothing to make every stage of each visit seamless. Ipad registration kiosks, top of the line tools & a completely digitalized process for prescriptions, referrals & results make visiting ModernMD way easy.

Ready to Meet ModernMD?

Are you pretty sure you’re ready to swing by, but need a bit more information to clarify? Check out the need to knows on ways to pay & things to bring, or browse our expert answers to your every question.

Hassle-free Health Tools

Call us crazy, but at ModernMD, we believe that getting your hands on everything you need to handle your healthcare should be stress-free. Check out these quick tools for staying on top of your registration, records, results & resources.

Work at ModernMD

Got skills? Have heart? Care for your community? We’d love to have you on our team! If you’re a clinical, customer service, or operations professional passionate about impacting the holistic health of our communities, we have ALOT in common. Apply to join our growing team & check out why our employees say we’re an awesome place to work!

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NYC loves MMD!

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Best urgent care near me, kind and compassionate. Great staff. A+++++++

Gia, S.E. Williamsburg

Beautiful people. They treat you like family.

Erv, S.E. Williamsburg

Always feel like my health is in good hands.

Monique, City Line

These folks were friendly, knowledgeable, and showed real concern for my well being. Nice people and good service.

Elias, Crown Heights

The staff from the security guard, the receptionist, as well as the medical staff was warm, professional, and efficient. I am grateful for their positive approach during these negative times.

Carolyn, City Line

I went with my son and we we're there for a total of 15 minutes. That's how efficient the staff is. The doctor was amazing and my sons meds were ready as soon as we arrived to the pharmacy.

Michelle, Jackson Heights