Get Prepared for Better Care

Visiting ModernMD is hassle-free, but if you like to REALLY know before you go, explore every detail of the ModernMD experience down below!

The Basics

  • 1

    Make Your Way to ModernMD

    Ready to get better together?

    Simply swing by 7 days a week, or jump on your local ModernMD’s virtual waitlist to tackle your to do list until it’s time to check in!

  • 2

    Register & Rest Easy

    Walk through our doors to meet modern medicine that JUST.MAKES.SENSE

    Race through our super simple kiosk registration, consult with your care provider, & get back to bigger things in an under an hour.

  • 3

    Rely on Us for the Road Ahead

    Our radical reasoning: post-visit support shouldn’t be sporadic, even when you came for on-the-spot care.

    That’s why we make your records & results readily available in your patient portal & reach out soon after you stop by to see if you’re on your way back to living your best life.

Things to Bring

For a smooth experience, simply bring a few key things!

  • Your photo ID

  • Your insurance card or Member ID

  • A form of payment (for copays & self pay visits)

  • A brief list of your medications, allergies & conditions

  • Your prescription bottle (if seeking a refill)

  • A copy of any paperwork you’d like to complete (for work, school or clearance)

Need A Hand?

Drop us a line anytime before or after your visit – We promise we’ll never leave you on read!