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    General Need to Knows

    What are your hours?

    All ModernMD locations are open from 8:00am – 8:00pm on weekdays & from 8:30am – 6:30pm on weekends.

    Are you open weekends?

    Yes! All ModernMD locations are open on Saturdays & Sundays, from 8:30am – 6:30pm.

    Do I need to make an appointment ahead?

    No way! All ModernMD locations offer quick & convenient care with no appointment necessary! While you are welcome to just walk in when you need us, consider jumping on your local ModernMD’s virtual waitlist to skip the waiting room & get straight to getting better when it’s your turn.

    Can I make ModernMD my Primary Care Physician?

    As a network of urgent care providers, ModernMD is medical care for all of life’s little spontaneous emergencies, unlike Primary Care Physicians, who provide ongoing care for chronic conditions & maintain your full medical history. This means that your insurance company will not allow you to select ModernMD as your Primary Care Physician.

    Do I have to change my Primary Care Physician to be treated at ModernMD?

    No way! We’re here to help meet your everyday illness & injury care needs when your Primary Care Physician is unavailable or overbooked. We encourage you to continue to visit your Primary Care Provider for annual physicals & chronic condition management and will happily forward your visit records to your Provider’s office at your request.

    Do I need a referral to visit ModernMD?

    No referral necessary! Just walk-in or jump on your local ModernMD’s virtual waitlist

    Insurance & Billing

    Do you accept my insurance?

    In line with our mission to make awesome medical care more accessible, ModernMD is proud to accept a wide range of commercial, Medicaid & Medicare insurance plans. To see if we accept your current insurance plan, check out our insurance search directory!

    Do you accept Medicaid & Medicare?

    Absolutely! ModernMD accepts most managed Medicaid plans, in addition to state Medicaid & Medicare!

    I lost my insurance card – can I still visit ModernMD?

    Yes! If you have a photo ID & your insurance member ID number, we can see you without your physical insurance card. If you don’t have your member ID number on hand, give your insurance company a ring to clarify your coverage details before you stop by ☺

    What do I need to bring to my visit at ModernMD?

    Swinging by ModernMD is super easy! Just bring the following along for a smooth visit:

    • Your photo ID
    • Your insurance card or Member ID
    • A preferred form of payment (for copays & self-pay visits)
    • Your prescription bottle (if seeking a refill)
    • A printed copy of any paperwork you need a hand with (for work, school, clearance)

    What if I don’t have insurance?

    No Insurance? No Problem!

    At ModernMD, we believe mysteries are for Netflix, NOT for medical bills

    So we make it REALLY easy to make sense of our budget friendly  self-pay pricing, with our care calculator! At a glance, a basic visit with a ModernMD provider is $99 & includes a consultation, examination & prescription, if applicable. Self-pay prices for all add-on procedures (such as diagnostic testing, X-rays & stitches) will be shared & explained before moving forward with your care plan!

    What forms of payment do you accept?

    Cash, credit cards & debit cards are accepted at all ModernMD locations.

    Can I use my Flexible Savings Account (FSA) / Health Savings Account (HSA) card?

    Definitely! If you stash away cash to cover the cost of your care through your employer or insurance plan, you’re welcome to use your FSA or HSA debit card to cover your co-payments, deductibles, or outstanding patient responsibility.

    How do I pay my bill?

    You can pay your bill online here.

    How do I contact the Billing team?

    If you have questions about a bill you received from ModernMD or need assistance with your billing records, contact our billing team via email at or via phone at (646) 741-5354. For assistance with a bill you received from our lab partner, Sunrise Labs, please contact the ModernMD location you visited – our team will facilitate connecting with our lab.


    Does ModernMD treat children?

    Yes, we’re family friendly! All ModernMD locations offer everyday illness, injury & common condition treatment for children aged six months and up. For pediatric well-visits, pediatric vaccines & continuous care for chronic childhood conditions, please visit your family’s Pediatrician.

    Does ModernMD give stitches?

    All ModernMD Providers are comprehensively trained to close cuts & will assess & stabilize your injury during your visit. In the case of deep or complex cuts, your provider may refer you to the Emergency Room for more extensive treatment.

    Does ModernMD do bloodwork?

    Yes! All ModernMD locations offer on-site lab collection services. Specimens are processed through our lab partner, Sunrise Labs.

    Does ModernMD take X-rays?

    Yes! All ModernMD locations have X-ray on-site.

    Does ModernMD offer STD testing?

    Yes! All ModernMD locations offer comprehensive STD testing & treatment if you believe you’ve been exposed or are experiencing symptoms.  To stay on top of your sexual health, check out our new

    STAT STD Screening, with results in two days!

    Does ModernMD offer GYN/Women’s Health?

    While we certainly recommend maintaining a relationship with a Gynecologist for continuing care, yes ModernMD offers a wide range of GYN/Women’s Health services including common GYN condition treatment, pap smears, birth control refills & pregnancy testing.

    Does ModernMD write work & school notes?

    Regardless of circumstance, we’re always happy to provide documentation that confirms you visited us on any date in which you received care at ModernMD. While your provider may determine that recommending an excused absence from work or school for a specified recovery period is best for your health, please note that consulting with a ModernMD provider does not guarantee an excused absence note will be authorized.

    Can I have my prescription refilled at ModernMD?

    Most prescriptions can be refilled at ModernMD. A limited supply of a controlled medication may be refilled at the discretion of your Provider, if an established regimen can be verified.

    Can I have a physical at ModernMD?

    All ModernMD locations offer annual, work, school, sports, DOT & pre-employment physicals. That said, health insurance providers do not cover the cost of physicals in an urgent care environment, which means all physicals are administered on a self-pay basis. Check out our

    self-pay pricing estimator for our self-pay physical fees.

    Does ModernMD offer Monkeypox testing?

    Yes! All ModernMD locations offer PCR Monkeypox testing for patients who believe they have been exposed or present with symptoms consistent with Monkeypox.

    Does ModernMD Offer RSV Testing?

    Yes! All ModernMD locations offer two forms of RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) Testing:

  • rapid RSV testing with right away results for all pediatric patients under the age of 19
  • Standard RSV lab testing for adults

    COVID-19 Testing

    Does ModernMD offer COVID-19 Testing?

    Absolutely! All ModernMD locations offer both COVID-19 rapid antigen testing (results in 15 minutes) &  STAT COVID PCR testing for work, school, travel & peace of mind (results in 2 days)

    Does ModernMD offer COVID-19 PCR Testing?

    Yes! All ModernMD locations offer STAT COVID PCR testing on a walk-in basis, no appointment necessary! Thanks to our specialized process, results are available in 2 days!

    Does ModernMD offer COVID-19 Testing for International Flights?

    Yes! All ModernMD locations offer STAT COVID PCR testing, which is the gold standard for international travel clearance.

    Does ModernMD offer COVID-19 rapid testing?

    Definitely! All ModernMD locations offer COVID-19 rapid antigen tests, which are ready with results in 15 minutes.

    Who is eligible for COVID-19 rapid testing?

    COVID-19 rapid testing is available to all patients 6+ years old. You do not need to have active symptoms or  be considered to be at increased risk of contracting COVID-19 to be eligible for rapid testing & frequent testing remains recommended for most patients.

    If you have been instructed by your travel carrier, medical provider, or employer to have a COVID-19 PCR test, rapid COVID-19 testing is NOT right for you. When visiting, please share documentation that notes the type of test you require for confirmation or request a COVID-19 PCR test.

    How often can I have a COVID-19 test at ModernMD?

    In accordance with best practice & updated guidelines patients may visit for:

    • Rapid testing every other day (for example if you were tested on Monday, you may return on Wednesday)
    • PCR testing every third day, as long as your most recent results have been received. (for example, if you were tested on Monday, you may return on Thursday)

    What kind of rapid testing does ModernMD offer?

    Few COVID-19 rapid tests are created equal & many available on the market today are 60% accurate at best. To stick to our commitment to providing you the absolute best care, ModernMD exclusively uses Quidel’s SARS COV-2 rapid antigen tests, which studies have shown to be 97% accurate!

    How accurate are ModernMD’s rapid COVID tests?

    ModernMD offers Quidel’s SARS COV-2 rapid antigen testing

    , which is 97% accurate. Should your rapid COVID-19 test come back positive, you will receive a COVID-19 PCR test as well, which will be sent to a lab to confirm your diagnosis. This ensures 100% confirmation of all positive COVID-19 results.

    Please note that not all rapid COVID-19 tests are created equal – many available on the market are significantly less accurate than the antigen testing offered at ModernMD.

    How long does it take to get my rapid test results?

    Your COVID-19 rapid test results will be ready in 15 minutes & shared with you before you head out. Your results will also be posted to your

    patient portal, for easy access to your records from your phone or computer.

    How long will it take to get my COVID-19 PCR results?

    We’re super proud to offer STAT PCR testing at all ModernMD locations, which means your results will be ready & posted to your patient portal in 2 days, 2-5 days sooner than nearly anywhere else!

    Is COVID-19 testing covered by my insurance? What if I am uninsured?

    Yes, you can certainly use your active health insurance plan when visiting ModernMD for COVID-19 testing. If you are commercially insured through your employer or the state exchange, some commercial insurance companies are continuing to waive copayments & deductibles for COVID-19 testing & treatment.

    That said, some commercial insurance plans have revisited their COVID-testing coverage policies for asymptomatic testing. This means your insurance company may determine you are responsible for your co-payment or deductible. At current, you will receive a bill if your insurance mandates we collect your patient responsibility.

    If you are insured by a managed Medicaid plan or State Medicaid, COVID-19 testing remains entirely free of charge.

    As ModernMD is not a city sponsored COVID-19 testing site, budget friendly self-pay pricing is available for those without insurance:

    • PCR Testing – $99
    • Rapid Testing – $124
    • PCR & Rapid Testing – $124

    Please note that due the expiration of the federal program covering the cost of COVID-19 lab testing, self-pay PCR patients will receive a bill for the processing of their swab from our lab partner, Sunrise labs.

    Is ModernMD a free NYC COVID testing site?

    While COVID-19 testing remains free for most insured patients, ModernMD is not contracted with the City of New York as a free City testing site. This means that patients without insurance are responsible for the cost of COVID testing at all ModernMD locations.

    • PCR Testing – $99
    • Rapid Testing – $124
    • PCR & Rapid Testing – $124

    COVID-19 Vaccine

    Does ModernMD offer the COVID-19 Vaccine?

    Yes! All ModernMD locations offer the following COVID-19 vaccines: Moderna (for patients 12+), the adult Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine (for patients 12+) & the pediatric COVID-19 vaccines for patients 6 months to 4yrs & 5-11 yrs).

    Primary COVID Vaccine Series

    • Moderna – (12+ yrs)
    • Pfizer – (12+ yrs)
    • Pfizer – (5-11 yrs)
    • Pfizer – (6 months-4 yrs)

    COVID Bivalent Boosters

    • Moderna – (6+ yrs)
    • Pfizer – (12+ yrs)
    • Pfizer – (5-11 yrs)

    What brands of COVID-19 vaccine does ModernMD offer?

    All ModernMD locations offer both Moderna & Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines.

    Does ModernMD offer the Pfizer vaccine for kids?

    Absolutely! All ModernMD locations offer the pediatric Pfizer vaccine for kids aged 6 months – 4 yrs, & kids aged 5 – 11 yrs! Moderna & Pfizer Bivalent Boosters for pediatric patients 5+ yrs old are also available!

    Can I get my booster dose at ModernMD?

    Yes! All ModernMD locations now offer updated Bivalent booster doses (which better protect against contagious variants) of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for patients 5+. Based on current state guidelines you are eligible for a Bivalent booster if you are:

    • 5+ years old & completed a primary two-dose series of Pfizer or Moderna 2+ months ago
    • A recipient of the J&J vaccine
    • 5+ years old & received a booster dose of Moderna or Pfizer vaccine 2+ months ago

    Does ModernMD offer the new Bivalent COVID-19 Booster to protect against COVID-19 variants?

    Yes! All ModernMD locations now offer the Pfizer & Moderna Bivalent COVID-19 Booster to all patients 5+ years old who
    completed the primary two dose vaccine series or received their last booster dose 2 or more months ago.

    When am I eligible for my booster dose?

    Based on updated state guidelines Pfizer & Moderna recipients 5+ years old are eligible for a booster dose 2 months after the completion of the two-dose vaccine series or 2 months after the administration of a booster dose.

    Do I have to make an appointment to get vaccinated for COVID-19?

    No way! Just walk in our jump on your local ModernMD’s virtual waitlist 7 days a week to stop by for your currently due dose of COVID-19 vaccine (first, second, third for immunocompromised populations & booster doses are available!)

    How do I reschedule my second dose vaccine appointment?

    If you are unable to make it to the second dose vaccine appointment scheduled for you at your first visit, please email us at to reschedule.

    I forgot the date of my second dose vaccine appointment. What do I do?

    All COVID vaccine patients will receive frequent text reminders about their upcoming second dose vaccine appointment. However, please feel free to email us at to confirm your appointment details.

    I received my first dose somewhere else. Can I receive my second, third or booster dose at ModernMD?

    Yes!  In an effort to make the vaccination process as convenient as possible, New York State now allows vaccine recipients to visit an alternative vaccination center for their second, third and/or booster dose, if their original vaccination site is inconvenient or unavailable.

    Please be sure to:

    • Bring your vaccine card (and/pr the lot# and date of your 1st dose)
    • Inform our team of what dose you are visiting for when you arrive

    Does ModernMD offer third doses for immunocompromised populations?

    Yes! If you qualify as immunocompromised based on New York State guidelines, third doses of COVID-19 Moderna & Pfizer vaccine are available at all ModernMD locations.

    When am I eligible for my second dose?

    If the Moderna vaccine was administered as your first dose, you are eligible for your second dose 4 weeks later.

    If the Pfizer vaccine (5-11 & 12+) was administered as your first dose, you are eligible for your second dose 3 weeks later.

    An appointment for a second dose will be made for all patients who receive their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine at ModernMD. If you missed or need to reschedule your second dose visit, please contact us at!

    I don’t have insurance? Is the COVID-19 vaccine free at ModernMD?

    Yes! As a New York City Vaccine Provider, all doses of COVID-19 vaccine are available to eligible patients at no cost, even if you are uninsured.

    I received one or more doses of COVID-19 vaccine in another state. Can I get my next dose at ModernMD?

    Yes! Based on current federal guidelines, you are welcome to receive any dose of COVID-19 vaccine that you are currently eligible for in NYC, regardless of your home state.

    Can I get vaccinated against COVID-19 while I am currently sick with COVID-19?

    No. People with COVID-19 who have symptoms should wait to be vaccinated until they have recovered and have met the criteria for discontinuing isolation. Those without symptoms should also wait until they meet the criteria before getting vaccinated. This guidance also applies to people who get COVID-19 before getting their second dose of vaccine.

    Do you need a negative COVID test to get vaccinated?

    No way! The CDC does not recommend COVID-19 screening tests before receiving the vaccine.

    If I have already had COVID-19 and recovered, do I still need to get vaccinated?

    Yes, you should be vaccinated regardless of whether you already had COVID-19, as it has been proven that reinfection is common.

    If you were treated for COVID-19 with monoclonal antibodies or convalescent plasma, you should wait 90 days before getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

    Virtual Waitlist

    Do I have to register for ModernMD’s virtual waitlist to visit?

    No way! At current, you are welcome to just walk in 7 days a week for convenient treatment without an appointment. However, all ModernMD locations continue to offer access to our virtual waitlists for your convenience! If you prefer to go about your day until it’s your turn, our virtual waitlist process is your go-to!

    When can I register for ModernMD’s virtual waitlist?

    During sick season & during higher demand periods such as holiday weekends, we recommend that you plan to text the virtual waitlist number belonging to the center you’d like to visit within the first operating hour of the day (we open at 8:00am on weekdays & 8:30am on weekends) to ensure a spot is available

    Do I have to be at a ModernMD location in person to register for the virtual waitlist?

    Absolutely not! In fact, we encourage you to register for our virtual waitlist from the comfort of home or as you go about your daily activities using your preferred location’s virtual waitlist number. you will receive an alert when it’s time to come see us.

    However, if you happen to be passing by, you are welcome to register for our virtual waitlist by scanning the QR codes posted on our storefronts.

    I plan to register for the virtual waitlist. Should I wait in line at ModernMD anyways?

    NO! The goal of ModernMD’s virtual waitlist is to spare our patient’s the hassle and discomfort of waiting for their visit, especially during the winter & summer months. As such, PLEASE DO NOT line up at your local ModernMD in the early hours of the day.

    Instead, please plan to text your preferred center’s virtual waitlist within one hour of our opening (8:00am on weekdays, 8:30am on weekends) when you’d like to visit.

    I plan to visit ModernMD with one or more additional people who are also seeking care. Do we have to register for the virtual waitlist separately?

    YES! As our virtual waitlists and are centers are managed based on the number of patients who identify as needing care, it is important that we understand:

    • How many patients to expect
    • The type of visit each patient is requesting (i.e. injury visit versus COVID testing)
    • If the patient is experiencing symptoms requiring emergent attention

    Please register each person (spouses, friends, children) who will be receiving care at ModernMD for the virtual waitlist of your choosing individually.

    How long can I expect to wait on the virtual waitlist?

    While wait-times vary depending on a variety of factors, to estimate your wait, we recommend that you assume approximately one hour of waiting time for every ten patients ahead of you in line.

    However, please note that elderly, disabled, injured and emergently ill patients will be taken ahead as needed, regardless of their # in line, which may extend this estimated wait time. Additionally, please note that all ModernMD locations currently utilize a hybrid model, accepting both walk-in & registered waitlist patients. As such, if you register for our virtual waitlist, please wait to receive your alert text before making your way to ModernMD!

    We recommend you keep an eye on your spot in line via the link in your confirmation text & have your phone handy for the duration of your waiting period.

    I registered for ModernMD’s virtual waitlist but did not receive a text confirming I’ve been added. What do I do?

    If you completed virtual waitlist registration but did not receive a text confirming your sign up immediately afterward, your phone carrier may be blocking the message from delivering to protect you from spam. Please call the location at which you registered. Our phone numbers are:

      • Bed-Stuy – 646.604.8130
      • Bushwick – 646.604.8160
      • City Line – 646.604.8180
      • Crown Heights – 646.604.8150
      • Flatbush – 646.604.8140
      • Jackson Heights – 646.604.8190
      • Ridgewood – 929.468.9920
      • S.E Williamsburg – 646.604.8120
      • South Richmond Hill – 929.468.9930


    If your confirmation text shows as undelivered, our team will attempt to reach you via phone call.

    I tried to register for ModernMD’s virtual waitlist, but it is closed. What does this mean?

    To ensure we provide each of our patients with exceptional care, our center’s waitlists typically close when additional patients can no longer be accepted for the day. That said, if you find your local ModernMD’s waitlist closed in the morning, please call the location you are interested in visiting to confirm that the waitlist is in fact closed.

    Records & Results

    Can you send me test results to my Primary Care Physician?

    Yes! Please be sure to request we forward your records to any physician of your choosing & provide their complete contact details to our Patient Care Coordinators during registration

    Who has access to my ModernMD medical records?

    YOU, period full stop!

    Can I access my recent lab results online?

    Yes! Once reviewed by a ModernMD provider, your recent lab results will be made available in your patient portal. Please be sure to provide a current email address during registration so your patient portal account may be established.

    Can I access my medical records online?

    Yes, progress notes from your visits to ModernMD will be made available to you in your patient portal.

    Will ModernMD call me with my lab results?

    If any component of your recent lab testing produces a positive or abnormal result, you will receive a phone call from a ModernMD Provider or Nurse Manager to walk through next steps & in some cases, request that you return to the ModernMD location where your lab testing was performed for follow up.

    If all components of your recent lab testing confirm a negative or normal result, you will not receive a phone call from our team. Instead, your lab results will be made available in your patient portal once they have been reviewed by a ModernMD Provider, so please be sure to provide a current email address during registration!

    I need assistance accessing my patient portal or establishing a patient portal account. What do I do?

    No worries, we’re here to help! If you need assistance setting up a new patient portal account, accessing an existing one or locating a specific record or result, please email us at

    STAT STD Screening

    What is ModernMD’s STAT STD Screening?

    All ModernMD locations now offer STAT STD screenings which are  a quicker, more convenient & more comfortable alternative to traditional STD testing for symptom free-screenings,  performed at our centers or elsewhere.

    What makes ModernMD’s STAT STD Screening special?

    You’ll love our STAT STD Screenings for a few key reasons:

    • Super speedy results in TWO DAYS – for peace of mind in half the time
    • No-frills focus on frequently transmitted STIs – which means no   over-testing for rare infections to prevent random laboratory bills

    NO SWABS – only blood & urine specimens are needed to get your comprehensive bill of sexual health conveniently & comfortably

    What STD’s/STI’s does ModernMD’s STAT STD screening test for?

    Our STAT STD screening is designed to offer a super convenient shame-free sexual health status update, without sacrificing a smidge of clinical quality. That’s why you can expect to be tested for all of the most commonly transmitted, frequently asymptomatic STI’s:

    • HIV
    • HSV II (Herpes)
    • Syphilis
    • Chlamydia
    • Gonorrhea
    • Mycoplasma Genitalium
    • Trichomonas

    If you specifically do not want to be tested for one or more of the conditions included in our STAT STD screenings, simply inform your Provider.

    If you’d like to be tested for additional STI’s or your provider deems additional testing to be clinically warranted, orders can easily be added to your lab panel. That said, please note that results for additional STD labs outside of those included in our STAT STD screening will likely not be available within the two-day STAT timeframe.

    What does ModernMD’s STAT STD screening cost?

    If you are insured by a commercial insurance plan, our STAT STD screening should be completely covered, outside of your standard urgent care visit co-pay.

    If you are insured by a Medicaid insurance plan, your STAT STD screening visit will be free of charge to you.

    If you are uninsured, a STAT STD screening visit is $124 at all ModernMD locations, which will be due at the time of service. That said, you will likely receive a bill from our lab partner for specimen processing in the amount of $199.45 – $253.78 at a later date.

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